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Avert a Pre-Wedding Disaster Two Hen Party Planning Mistakes to Avoid

You’re best friend is getting married in a month’s time. Naturally, you’ve been involved in the planning process since day one. In fact, you were instrumental in helping her find suitable entertainment for the reception.

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During this time, you also played the role of both Daphne’s ally and nemesis. You supported her choice of white lilies for the ceremony. But you relentlessly dissuaded her from picking that expensive princess cut gown. It was your firm resolve that helped the couple stay on the wedding budget.

However, your biggest challenge still lies ahead. You’re the maid of honour. Thus, the task of planning Daphne’s “send off into married life” falls to you. She is marrying the love of her life. So it’s doubtful that you’ll get a second chance at organising her hen party. This makes the pressure of not screwing it up even greater.

We’re here to help ease that burden and mental strain. The rest of this article will talk about the two common mistakes you should avoid when planning this sort of do.

Inviting the wrong people

In a wedding, you’re expected to invite people because they’re family or work colleagues. However, a hen party is different. The guest list should be composed of the future bride’s “favourite girls”. Ask her whom you should include in the said list. This way, you can avoid any awkward scenario from arising.

Overindulging the bride to be

The last thing you want is for the guest of honour to collapse drunk. You want Daphne to bask in the moment but don’t allow her to go overboard. Keep a keen eye on the alcohol intake.

Indulging in libations might be customary at these events, but they’re not expected. Consider trying a different theme for your best friend’s send off. A bespoke hen treasure hunt would be a great alternative.

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