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For the Wifey-to-Be: Organising a Hen Party that's One For the Books

Oh, to see your sister or best friend so giddy as she count the days to her wedding—there is definitely nothing quite like it, don't you agree? And because she is as special to you as she is to her future husband, you wouldn't settle for anything but the best for her hen party, the event that will mark the beginning of her journey from single woman to wife.

So, what really makes an awesome hen party? We've got some great ideas just for you:

In the Time of Gatsby and Glamour

“And I like large parties. They're so intimate. At small parties there isn't any privacy,” said F. Scott Fitzgerald in his critically acclaimed book, The Great Gatsby, which was turned into a film starring the handsome Leonardo di Caprio. The time of the Gatsby was indeed filled with glamour, making it one of the perfect themes for a hen party, especially if the bride-to-be loves sequins, headpieces and everything that sparkles. It's easy to put together this type of event, thanks to trusted suppliers of Gatsby party decorations, flowers and what not. Of course, you can't miss letting your guests wear the glitzy outfits that's reminiscent of this beautiful period. Did this idea tickle your fancy? Start shopping for Gatsby party decorations now!

The Hunt For Forever

What's not to love about a good olé scavenger hunt, really? In the middle of everything that's keeping the bride-to-be busy (and maybe, stressed), it will surely be a breath of fresh air to just spend the day running around, looking for clues and well, find a treasure. Do you think this theme is too complex to organise? You don't have to worry because you have us to help you out. We specialise in unique treasure hunts that will not only be enjoyable but also right for your budget. Moreover, we give you the option to choose the venue for your hen party. Whether you fancy Brighton or Rome, we have it covered just for you.

Of Glamping and Reminiscing

We know, you're probably wondering what “glamping” means. Well, it's a combination of “glamorous” and “camping,” two words that you'd never think would fit well together. Now, if your bride-to-be is the outdoorsy type who loves to be with nature while sharing good company with friends, this option will surely be a winner. Since this is a glamorous take on the traditional camping, you (or your guests) wouldn't need to worry about spending the night in tents in the middle of nowhere because you can rent caravans to use as accommodations for the party. You can also set up some blankets, chairs and tables in the venue where you can share great conversations while enjoying smores and beer. Isn't this such a good idea? We bet, you agree!

Are you ready to get the party planning started?

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